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From South Carolina to Georgia

Day 5

Scott’s BBQ—Hemingway, SC

Scott’s was not an original destination for us. Sam Jones of Skylight Inn, our first stop, directed us there.  We fell in love with Rodney’s personality right away.  Just like Sam, he was eager to share with us some tricks of the trade, including a secret to help us with digestion (thank you Rodney!)

Both Sam and Rodney made mention that their methods of cooking the hog is basically the same, it’s what they do after the meat is out of the pit that sets them apart. Like Sam, Rodney still stays true to the flavor of the meat but he adds more of a kick.  Maggie and I were particularly happy to come across a bit more spice.

Rodney gave us a thorough tour of his smokehouse and we spent a good chunk of time chatting with him in the back of the shack.  It was motivating to hear about his passion for Barbecue.  Rodney explained that the smoke draws people in and he has many memories of family gatherings around the pit.  He very genuinely describes that Barbecue is love.


Sweatman’s—Holly Hill, SC

This was the first place that offered an all-you-can-eat section besides Bill Ellis.  Sweatman’s is a house that has been transformed into a restaurant.  This relatively large BBQ restaurant was our first encounter with a mustard-based sauce.  The sweet and tangy addition to the whole hog was a nice change of pace.  Their chicken was tender and nicely smoked.

They had all-you-can-drink sweet tea, which has become a new favorite beverage for us.  We were excited to be able to purchase fresh raw pecans, which I am about to snack on because that sounds really good to me right now.

We did not spend as much time as we would have liked because we were on a time crunch to get to Georgia.  This place is definitely worth a visit for those who are looking for traditional South Carolina BBQ with a more modern setting.


Walls BBQ—Savannah, GA

Walls BBQ is worth going to for the beautiful scenery of Savannah, GA just as much as it is the food! Ms. Marguerite started this restaurant in the 1960s and gave it to her daughter in the 2000s, but she still works there along with other family members and friends.  While still in more of a tangy part of the country, we started getting into the thicker red sauce that we Wisconsinites are more used to.

This was the smokiest meat we have come across so far.  And because we were in Georgia we decided to treat our pallets with some deviled crab as a bit of a break from BBQ.  The deviled crab was a favorite of Maggie and I.  The corn bread was a welcome familiarity.  In the Carolinas, the cornbread was flat, dense and less sweet, where as in Georgia is was sweeter, fluffier and more like bread.

Walls had a bigger focus on vegetable sides than previous restaurants.  We ordered okra and tomatoes, candied yams, coleslaw, and mac & cheese.  The okra and tomatoes were cooked together in a beef stock and were a welcome change of pace from eating predominantly meat for a few days.  The candied yams were glazed in butter, brown sugar and nutmeg.  Personally, the yams had a little too much nutmeg for me but Tyler really liked them.  Now the mac and cheese was where it was at!  Maggie particularly liked mixing bites of the perfectly cheesy noodles with the tangy pulled pork (which by the way is cooked using charcoal).




Written by Sarah Smith


  • How was the Mac & Cheese!? Does it make the top 10 list!?!?

    • The Mac and Cheese at Walls BBQ was by far the best Mac and Cheese we had so far 🙂 Very Cheesy and excellent with with the pork!

  • Well… share it with everyone! What was the trick to digestion?!