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Parky’s Smokehouse

Day 2 (Odometer Reading: 150394)

With a 12 hour-drive ahead of us from Lafayette, IN to Ayden, NC, we were concerned that we may miss out on discovering any BBQ for the day.  Fortunately, a billboard outside of Lebanon, IN threw us in the direction of Parky’s Smokehouse.  Since the restaurant was voted the “Best Casual Dining” in 2011 Boone County People’s Choice Awards, we thought we would give it a try.

The décor was nice but didn’t seem fitting of a typical BBQ restaurant.  However, we did enjoy some of the details such as fun murals (which were painted by a former employee) and sassy sayings on the bathroom walls.  We particularly liked their hours sign, which stated “Open at 11…Closed Several Hours Later.”

We were warmly greeted by the staff Sarah and Dana (we hope we spelled your names correctly!) and had a wonderful time chatting with them about the area.

Parky’s Smokehouse’s menu was quite extensive; so we let Sarah, our waitress, help us with our selections.  We enjoyed The Barbecue Blast, which included a quarter rack of ribs, a white or dark chicken quarter, pulled pork, brisket, turkey breast and smoked sausage.  We also ordered the Battle of the Champion Pork Loin For every Battle of the BBQ pork loin sold, a donation is made to the Boone County Cancer Society!  We finished our meal with a Bread Pudding with a Praline Sauce and a scoop of local Vanilla Ice Cream.

We left Parky’s Smokehouse very satisfied with full tummies and enlightened by the wonderful service!




We decided that the BBQ plate with easy description was a bit of  genius.





Written by Sarah


  • Hey there. I just wanted to throw out a comment to catch ya before it’s too late. I noticed that you’re stopping in Holly Hill, SC, and there’s only one reason to be in Holly Hill, and that’s Sweatman’s — the finest bbq I’ve ever tasted.

    In case ya didn’t have the research done yet, I thought I’d throw ya two notes — the first is that Holly Hill isn’t where your #7 marker says it it. It’s up much closer to Columbia than it is to Savannah.

    Second, be aware that they’re only open on Friday and Saturday, so if you need to adjust your schedule, they’re worth it.

    Have fun.

    • Hey Keith! You’re the second person to recommend Sweatman’s and we will definitely be going there, and we’ll make sure we double-check our map, thanks!

  • We are so happy you enjoyed your visit. Thank you so much for the kind words!