Jan 4, 2013 - Notes from Sarah    2 Comments

When Technology Fails…

Day 2 going into Day 3

The common question of the night was “Where are we?”  Our GPS made us confident that we were on the right path to get to Ayden, NC by 4 am (give or take a few stops).  Around 2:30 am Maggie and I were awakened when Tyler had parked at a truck stop somewhere in West Virginia.  He was too tired to continue.  I laid there for a minute realizing that I was too awake to go back to sleep.  I decided to take the wheel and finish the longest leg of our journey so that we would have more time the next day for all of the planned stops.

Maggie, being the trooper that she is, decided to keep me company for the rest of the drive.  As Maggie searched for awesome music for us to listen too (i.e. Old Crow Medicine Show and Macklemore) we realized the GPS was no longer in service.  We saw a road sign for Charlotte, NC and decided to follow the route hoping that our GPS would pick up service again.

Well…not so much…and of course we didn’t have a map!  We pulled off to the nearest gas station to purchase a map of North Carolina.  However, we did not have any luck.  The station we chose only sold maps of townships and not of states.  Frustrated, but not discouraged, we found the next station in Elkin, NC where I spent 10 or 15 minutes finding the best route to get us across the state.  After a few wrong turns we finally found the main road we were looking for.

Once we had a handle on our route…like a punk…our GPS decided to rejoin the party.  It was around 6 am and our new arrival time was now 8 am.  Since we were only two hours away I decided to stop in a parking lot in Cary, NC to get some rest.  I fell a sleep with a new confidence that I don’t need a GPS even if I don’t know where I am.  With a little logic and patience I can get us back on track.  My two friends, Bryan and Dave, would have been proud 🙂



  • You’re going the wrong way!

  • Great perseverance! Happy to read you are all having a spectacular adventure and looking forward to what this trip has in-store next =]